This video struck a tender chord for me. I love basketball. And I appreciate all those who reached out to me when Ashton died…and who continue to reach out. Just this week, one of my patients asked me at the end of the visit, “And how are YOU doing?” I could tell that he really wanted to know, so I shared briefly that our mission brought immense healing from Ashton’s death. I REALLY appreciated his asking! That meant a lot to me!

I sense that there are others who feel awkward when I continue to talk about Ashton’s death. “When are you going to move on?” is the unspoken message. That’s OK. I don’t judge them. I know it is hard to know what to say when someone is grieving.

“When will I move on?” In my mind and heart, that is exactly what I am doing. Talking about Ashton’s death is part of that process. To set an artificial timeline on when someone should stop talking about their deceased loved one is probably not realistic nor helpful. Now…if that’s ALL I thought and talked about and was not able to function BECAUSE that was all I thought and talked about, I could understand the concern. However, I feel like I am functioning pretty well. To NOT speak of my grief from time to time would probably be a reason for others to be concerned about me. Others may grieve differently than me, but I need to talk. I do try to be sensitive and not force my talking onto others who are not ready or able to participate meaningfully in that conversation.

Enjoy the video! And thanks for listening! Written by Carter